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LED Lighting for Tropical Planted Aquariums

Light is the most important factor when growing aquatic plants. The planted aquarium starts with a good lighting unit and I am now about to introduce to you some fantastic new LED lighting units for planted aquariums…

Beamswork LED Planted Tank Lighting

Say hello to the Beamswork LED lighting units designed for use with planted aquariums. These Hi-lumen light units are super slim and adaptable so will fit on any size aquarium. The unit housing is just 5″ thick, which means it will fit under almost any aquarium hood to replace your old aquarium lighting. The adjustable feet will allows the light to be extended to fit onto a range of different sized aquariums. The unit works great over open top aquariums and the feet rest on the aquarium glass side panels.

The 6500K colour is the perfect level for plant visuals, a level considered the best colour rendition for viewing your aquarium plants.

The unit comes in several different adjustable sizes so you can be sure to find a unit that will fit onto your aquarium. The bigger the unit, the more 0.2W LEDS are fitted into the housing.

The various sizes we have available are:

  • 12-18″, 33 x 0.2w 6500k LED’s, 600 Lumens
  • 18-22″, 54 x 0.2w 6500k LED’s, 1020 Lumens
  • 24-30″, 78 x 0.2w 6500k LED’s, 1450 Lumens
  • 36-40″, 129 x 0.2w 6500k LED’s, 2410 Lumens
  • 48-54″, 168 x 0.2w 6500k LED’s, 3140 Lumens

It’s definitely worth giving these a go. They will certainly look much better & take up less space than your old bulky T5 lighting units, and because LED’s use much less power than flourecent tubes, you will be saving £££’s off you electricity bill….win win!?