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The future of Aquarium Plants – In-vitro

The future of plants for aquariums in here!! Say hello to In-Vitro plants…

Tissue culture aquarium plants – also known as ‘in-vitro’ plants – are manufactured in a laboratory using the latest tissue culture technologies to produce unique & high quality plants in plastic polypropylene pots.
They are grown in sterile conditions using a fertile gel/liquid.


GUARANTEED to be free from snails, pests, algae and pesticides, making them perfect for shrimp keepers and any planted tank enthusiast. You can order your plants in small or larger pots. Each pot is packed full, giving excellent value for money.

Staurogyne repens.jpgPogostemon Helferi Tissue Culture

£3.99 per pot

Mixed Tissue Culture Plants – equivilent to £2.99 per pot



Further detailed information…

In-vitro plants really are at the front of all the latest technologies in producing aquarium plants. In the laboratory, in-vitro plants are produced with state of the art equipment and in climate controlled chambers. New plants are experimented with and only the ones that meet the exceptionally high standards of Horti-lab get put through to commercial sale.

There is a 3 stage production of aquarium plants, in-vitro plants are sold at stage 2, potted plants are sold at stage 3:

  1. Plant multiplication: plants are multiplied until the desired quantity is required, this is done in sterile ‘in-vitro’ conditions.
  2. Next is the rooting stage, this is again done in sterile conditions and plants are built up until the desired size is achieved. Plants  can be sold at this level, or they are taken onto stage 3.
  3. This stage is where fully grown net potted plants are achieved. Plants are taken form in-vitro and acclimatised in nurseries until fully grown and ready for sale.

Buying plants at stage two (in-vitro) bring many benefits to aquarists:

  • Snail, algae, disease and pest free plants.
  • You get super healthy plants in pots that are super full!
  • Pots can be kept for 2-4 weeks until the aquarist is ready to plant – no rush to put plants into the aquarium.
  • Perfect for shrimp tanks, these plants are excellent for use with sensitive animals.
  • Many popular varieties available for aquascaping.
  • They ship exceedingly well.

Here’s a few snaps of the pots and packaging, showing key information about each plant such as light demands, temperature demands and how easy it is to grow:

Alternathera reineckii ''mini' Hortilab.jpg


eleocharis sp mini.jpg