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Cryptocoryne Wendtii



Have you tried Cryptocorynes in your planted aquarium? This one in particular, the Cryptocoryne Wendtii, is probably the easiest to grow. Like all crypts, it will probably suffer some ‘crypt melt’ when you introduce in to your aquarium during the first few weeks. Do not panic! This is normal. Like many aquarium plants, it is simply adapting to it’s new conditions. Many old leaves will melt (which you should trim away with scissors to speed the process up) and new leaves will start to appear.

The Cryptocorynes Wendtii doesn’t need much light, and as a result you are not required to inject co2 either. However, substrate tablets or light liquid fertilisation is recommended for strong growth.

Other than that this crpyt should do well in a variety of water conditions and makes the ideal low tech aquarium plant – see here for prices :Cryptocoryne Wendtii