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Wave Aquascaping scissors

New Aquascaping Tools from Aquarium Gardens

Aquarium Gardens have released a new range of aquascaping tools for planted aquariums.

We have a wide variety available, from spring scissors (great for quick trimming of stem plants and moss) to wave scissors (perfect for carpet trimming such as Hemianthus Callitrchoides). The quality of the tools is really high, and the price is attractive too. The tools are made from surgical grade steel and will last you a long time.

Let’s take a look at how these tools can make trimming and planting a whole lot easier…

Aquascaping Tweezers

I’m sure we’re all familiar with trying to plant with our fingers? It’s often a frustrating and messy task. It can be very difficult to push the plant into your substrate using your fingers without it floating back up to the surface again. A long pair of tweezers makes the whole process much simpler. Not only can you plant with precision and ease, the extra length on the tweezers means you don’t have to get your whole arm in the tank.

Aquarium Plant TweezersAquascaping Scissors

When it comes to trimming your plants, we have every tool for the job. Trimming your aquascape calls for slender, sharp and clever tools. Tasks such as trimming carpet plants and shaping your stem plants requires tools specifically designed for the job…

Spring Scissors

Perfect for fast and precise trimming of stem plants and moss…

Spring Aquascaping scissors

Wave Scissors

Designed for trimming carpet plants such as Hemianthus Callitrichoides…

Wave Aquascaping scissors

Angled Scissors

Great for reaching those hard to get to spots….

Angled plant scissors