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New Aquarium Soils & Substrates!

Tropica Aquarium Soil 9L

I am very pleased to say that we have added a exciting new range of aquairum soils and substrate to our ever growing number of products for planted aquariums…

  1. Tropica Aquarium Soil
  2. Tropica Aquarium Soil Powder
  3. Tropica Plant Growth Substrate

Getting things right from the beginning means starting with a good bottom layer for your plants to grow in. Tropica’s new aquarium soil is the perfect bottom layer for your planted aquarium. There’s NO NEED FOR CAPPING with gravel or sand, making this ‘all in one’ substrate a simple product to use.

First, layer the soil across the bottom of your aquarium 5-6cm deep, sloping towards the back to add depth. Next, add any hardscape such as wood or rock and fill the aquarium with 2cm deep of water. Now your ready for planting. Planting before you fully fill your aquarium with water makes the job much MUCH easier, and this is the way we recommend planting any tank. After your plants are in, fill the tank slowly with water, being carefully not to disturb any of the plants you have just put in. It really is a simple product to use. Tropica Aquarium Soil also helps promote healthy growth of your aquatic plants by altering the water parameters in the plants favour. It also promotes red colourations in your aquatic plants.
TIP: During the first 3-4 weeks of set-up, change 50% of your aquarium water 2 times per week. Aquarium Soil leeches ammonia initially which need diluting with fresh water. After this (around 4-6 weeks) you are ready to add fish. And you can slowly start to decrease the amount of water changes you do per week.

If you have a nano/small aquarium, Tropica’s Aquarium Soil Powder is the preferred choice, as the grain size is smaller which looks better in smaller tanks and with smaller plants. It is also useful in the foreground of larger tanks, and makes things easier when planting more delicate plants such as Hemianthus Callitrchoides and Eleocharis Acicularis.

We also now stock Tropica’s Plant Growth Substrate. This product is designed to sit underneath your chosen gravel or sand. It is a long term nutritious substrate ensuring healthy growth in the long term. You are required to layer 1cm of Tropica Plant Growth Substrate underneath 4-5cm of your chosen gravel/sand to ensure the substrate does not leak into your water column.

Top tips when purchasing aquarium soils and substrates:

      • It’s a good idea to purchase soils/substrate and any hardscape materials such as wood or rock before getting hold of your plants. This gives you time to plan your layout and make sure you have enough soil/substrate and hardscape materials before your plants arrive.
      • Remember to carry out 2 weekly water changes, 50% each time for the first 3-4 weeks. This is important in any new planted aquarium, but especially if your using aquarium soils.
      • If your wondering how much Aquarium Soil you need, 1 x 9 Litre bag per 60L of aquarium water is what we would recommend.
      • If your wondering how much Plant Growth Substrate you need, then this table will help you…

Tropica Plant Grow Substrate chart