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Java Moss on Driftwood

Aquarium Moss – easy greenery for planted aquariums

Looking for easy spreading greenery for your planted aquarium? Look no further…growing aquatic moss is not very difficult. Many aquatic moss will thrive in most aquariums, low light or high light, CO2 infused or no CO2 infused. It can be used to create stunning nature aquariums by attaching it to wood or rocks, or used to create carpets or green walls. Alternatively, it can be used to create stunning backdrops.

Java Moss attached to Coconut slice. Simple and effective feature.

Moss on Coconut

Growing Aquatic Mosses

Moss is considered one of the easiest aquatic plants to grow. If you keep Java Fern or Anubias in a low light aquarium, then Java Moss is something you could have similar success with.

To get the most out of your aquarium mosses, like most aquarium plants you should supplement CO2 and nutrients. This will really bring your moss to life. You will witness much faster growth, beautiful green colours and more compact bushy growth. Under extreme low light, moss can become very leggy or stringy. However, it will still grow.

Moss is also very popular with shrimp keepers as they provide great places for your shrimp to hide, and also to graze on waste products caught in the moss.

Here’s a list of common mosses I would recommend for newcomers:

  • Java Moss – the most common moss of all, and the most undemanding. Give this one a go if you’ve never tried moss before, it’s a guaranteed winner!
  • Christmas Moss – as the name suggests, this moss resembles the fern like structure of a Christmas tree. Stunning and beautiful, this moss looks exceptional in CO2 infused aquariums.
  • Spiky Moss – Another great moss for beginners. A slower grower, however under higher light this moss can look beautiful.
  • Moss Ball – They are formed in shallow lakes with gentle wave moment which turns the balls as they go, giving its spherical shape. SUPER easy to keep, just need rolling every couple of weeks to maintain shape. Ideal for all planted aquariums.

Moss Ball

And some general requirements for most mosses:

Temp: 22-28°C
PH: 6-8
GH & KH: Adapts to most water conditions
Light: Low Light – High Light
CO2: No CO2, CO2 injection or Liquid Carbon
Tank Size: Perfect for any size aquarium!

Moss on Wood

Moss is the ideal candidate for attaching to wood. You can either buy moss pre-attached to wood, or attach it yourself to your chosen piece of wood. Using cotton helps temporarily attach the moss to the wood. Over 3-6 weeks the moss will naturally cling onto the wood. This can be used to create stunning natural effects which looks great in the planted aquarium. Moss has widely been used to create some of the most stunning aquascapes in the world. If you have some wood in your aquarium, it’s well worth giving moss a go!

Java Moss on Driftwood