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Anubias in Flower

Anubias Species – Aquatic Plant Spotlight

Anubias is one of the most common species found in the aquatic industry. It’s hardy nature and attractive thick green leaves make it one of the most favourable species around. There are many varieties of Anubias, varying in size, shape and colour. 

One of it’s key strengths is it’s ability to thrive in situations other plants cannot tolerate, such as low lighting, it actually much prefers to be grown in shady areas, so you do not have to worry about other plants overshadowing your Anubias. This makes it an ideal mid ground filler, where other taller plants can grown upwards and over the Anubias.

Herbivores also tend to stay away from Anubias, due to it’s thick leaves. They also do not get uprooted by larger fish as this plant should be attached to wood/rocks.

Anubias tends to be a more expensive species to purchase, simply because it takes longer to cultivate and grow to a good size in order to sell. Expect to pay £1-2 more for a pot of Anubias than you would a regular aquatic plant.

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How to keep Anubias – What you need to do…

Not a lot! Anubias will thrive in many tank environments. High light or low light, CO2 injection or no CO2 injection. Because it’s slow growing, Anubias is a particular favourite with ‘low tech’ aquariums, this being lower lighting intensities, minimal fertilization and zero CO2 supplementation. It will do just fine in such aquariums. Maintenance is also minimal with this plant as it’s such a slow grower!

One thing you must do with Anubias is bear in mind that this species should be attached to some form of hardscape such as wood or rocks. If you plant it in your substrate the Rhizome will rot and the plant will die. This can be done by simply using cotton, fishing line or super glue. Super glue works best for me, as it’s less hassle than using fiddly cotton or line. Super glue is not toxic and won’t harm your fish in any way. Did you know it was orginally designed for use under water!? Great for Anubias!


Anubias is famously known for produce spectacular flowers, even under water! To get your Anubias to flower I would recommend using CO2 injection and a regular dosing of nutrients. This will encourage the plant to grow a bit faster and fire out some beautiful flowers.

Anubias in Flower


The flowers will last for around 2-3 weeks, once they start to look a bit tired just chop them off and more will come along soon.

Anubias Species List

Anubias Nana

The most common and loved of all Anubias. A.nana is the perfect anubias to get started with and widely available in the aquatic industry. Probably to easiest of all to care for and the easiest to get into flower. It’s quite a small variety, making a great all rounder for all different sized tanks.

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Anubias Bateri

Leaf size is larger than A.nana, and the stalks can be much longer too. Therefore, I would recommend A.Bateri for medium to larger size aquarium. It could get a bit to out of proportion in a nano tank.

Anubias Bonsai

A superb mini version of the Anubias Nana, the leaves are even smaller. It makes the perfect Anubias for nano aquariums, or where the aquarist would like to give a greater sense of scale. Much the same demands as most Anubias, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Anubias Bonsai Plant

Anubias Minima

A great alternative to the more popular species, the A.Minima is just as easy to keep. What makes it different is its more slender long leaf shape. New leaves sprout a lovely light brown colour.










Anubias Congensis

A much taller species, which can grow up to 12 inches so suited to larger aquaria. Leaf shape is more spear shaped. It’s a very slow grower and it’s leaves can last for many years. Great choice for larger aquariums.

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