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Spring Update – What’s New at Aquarium Gardens

Aquarium Gardens Spring Update

Scapers Tank

A lot has happened this Spring at Aquarium Gardens, we’re here to bring you up to date…

We’ve been working hard this spring, bringing in new products and plants in order to develop our range and service. We have also been working on our new aquascaping shop based in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. AND we have even held our first Aquascaping workshop with world famous aquascaper George Farmer! Read on for more info…

What’s new this Spring

Knife Stone per KG    Maple Leaf Rock per KG

Hardscape Materials 

We now carry a wide range of hardscape materials available to order online and collect in store. We have also installed a hardscape sandpit in store, meaning you can arrange your hardscape layout before you even make a purchase!

Aquascaping Workshop with George Farmer

Back in March we held our first Aquascaping Workshop in our brand new aquascaping shop. We were delighted to have George Farmer on board to deliver a wonderful introductory aquascaping presentation followed by an aquascaing demo. We had a full house to watch George in action. For pictures of the day and the finished aquascape, head over to our Facebook page. Stay tuned for future aquascaping events!

Come visit us…

We are extremely excited to bring our business to the shop floor. Based in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, our new retail shop offers customers the chance to visit us and view our range of plants, hardscape and aquascaping supplies. We also have on display a number of planted aquariums to inspire you (including a George Farmer aquascape). We’re on hand for help and advice. Head over to our contact page if you’re planning a visit.

Our Facebook page is also packed with pictures of our shop and plants, a great way to stay up-to-date with what’s happening.

Coming soon…

Look out this summer for more aquascaping supplies at Aquarium Gardens. We will be introducing a new range of aquascaping tools and some high quality glassware, including lily pipes, skimmer inlets, and nano glassware.  

Lastly we are super excited to announce we will soon be stocking a variety of freshwater shrimp at great prices, watch this space!


New Products and Special Offers

Anubias Nana | Buy Online from Aquarium Gardens

Anubias Nana
Now £3.75 

Perfect beginner plant for attaching to wood or rock.

Lagenandra meeboldii 'Red'

Lagenandra Meeboldii ‘Red’

A great alternative to Crytocoryne plants. Broad colourful leaves and easy to care for.

Hygrophila 'Siamensis 53B'

Hygrophila Siamensis ’53B’

Forms an incredible amount of side shoots. The perfect fast growing supporting plant.

ReeFlowers AquaPlants All Inclusive 500ml

New plant food

Reeflowers all inclusive plant food is great value and contains all the nutrients your plants need.

Aquarium Test Kits You Can Trust – by ELOS

Like me, have you been disappointed with aquarium water test kits in the past? It can be very frustrating when you have spent good money on a test kit that deliver inconsistent and varying results. Some of the biggest complaints with test kits is they are hard to read, results vary, and performing the test is difficult.

ELOS has remedied these common problems. ELOS Water Analysis kits are test kits you can rely on. ELOS test kits are manufactured and tested to standards that are unparalleled in this industry. They use the highest quality reagents that are non toxic, and deliver accurate results every time.

The following test kits are recommend by Aquarium Gardens:

Here’s what makes ELOS test kits different:

Calibrated droppers: ELOS bottles are designed to provide a consistent drop size, which is a key element in testing – regardless of who is squeezing the bottle the drop remains consistent. Many less expensive brands will rely on the cheapest possible bottles, syringes and tips that can easily skew the test results.

While all chemicals should be considered dangerous and handled accordingly, ELOS uses the highest quality reagents that are non-toxic. All ELOS boxes, instructions and reagents are clearly labelled along with childproof packaging – that amazingly is not found in some of our competitors who base their kits largely on toxic chemicals!
Of course, it is more costly to use such a high grade of reagents, use proper packaging and labels, but we feel it is necessary. In some kits you will even notice a raised label for people who are vision impaired.

Validation of each Reagent batch: using NIST (National Institute of Standard and Technology) certified samples. While some may claim to use, ‘lab quality components’ in their kits, ELOS validates each batch of reagents using these NIST certified samples.

Careful batch management: all chemical test kits are susceptible to damage from extreme temperatures.  ELOS carefully ships and stores our test kits before they ship to the retailer or final customer. This is a vital step that often is neglected.

Written and illustrated instructions along with professionally calibrated colour charts (when needed) make it easy for beginners through to experts, to use the kit correctly. Expiration dates, batch and lot numbers in every kit and every reagent, allow us to carefully track – and when needed – assist customers with questions about their kit.

Nitrate ELOS test kit


For these reasons, we would not recommend any other aquarium test kit, ELOS is the way to go for accurate and precise results. For the full range (now 10% off until 30th November 2015) click here.