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New Bucephalandra Plants

Have you heard of the plant that’s taking the aquascaping world by storm!? Bucephalnadra is a cracking aquatic plant now available widely in the trade. Previously this plant was hard to find, only through private sellers and independent growers. Now the likes of Dennerle, Tropica and Aquaflora are producing these beautiful plants on a much larger scale. This is great news for all aquascapers (we all love new plants!). It also means the price is far more affordable because they are more cultivated on a larger scale, thus lowering the price. We are now stocking Bucephalandra from just £5.99. You would have been paying in excess of £10 per plant before!

Bucephalandra are lovely plants, a bit like a mixture of Anubias and Cryptcoryne. They should be treated like Anubias though, by attaching to wood or rock. They are slow growers but over time can produce spectacular colours. They are ideal for low tech set-ups due to their lower demands and slow growing nature. Smaller varieties such as Brownie and Mini Needle Leaf are ideal in nano aquaria.

Take a look at our range below:

Bucephalandra spec. Brownie


Bucephalandra Wavy leaf on Small Wood




Bucephalandra ‘Wavy Green’ bucephalandra-wavy-green

Bucephalandra sp. ‘Broad Wavy’ 

Bucephalandra sp. 'Broad Wavy' Tissue Culture - Dennerle

Aquarium Gardens plants in PFK

Featured this month in Practical Fishkeeping Magazine is an article on how to buy plants, and Aquarium Gardens are proud to have our plants taking center stage in the pictures.
It’s a great summery of what to look out for and essential tips when choosing plants. Pictures featured in this article are taken in our shop. So for anyone wanting to know what our plants look like before you buy them, go out and buy the latest issue of PFK for close up shots of our plant holding tanks as well as some great tips on plants from the author.

PFK How to buy plants