Hardscape Materials

In aquascaping, choosing the right hardscape is vital. Hardscape refers to the materials added to build the structure of your aquascape such as rocks, pebbles, gravel and wood. This part of the aquascaping process is often rushed or overlooked, but in our opinion is one of the most important things to get right in order to achieve a pleasing aquascape. Once the hardscape is placed in the aquascape it cannot be changed very easily, so take your time in choosing the right hardscape and everything else will be much easier.

We are working on building our hardscape selection, with more and more materials being added each month. We realise a good selection of hardscape can really help aquascapers achieve the desired look and provide inspiration to try new things and scaping with different materials.

So far our rock selections consist of…
Dragon Stone – A finely detailed rock with many crevices
Mini Landscape Rock – Mini Landscape Rock is used by many aquascapers and is one of the most desirable and widely used rocks in aquascaping.
Knife Stone – Unique form and fine textures
Lava Rock – Rough texture, perfect for planting mosses as it sticks easily.
Leopard Stone – Fabulous stone in a very special black and white optic
Fossilised Wood Stone -Multicolour fossilized wood. Colours from white over red and brown to black in the middle. Wooden structure can often be seen according to the annual rings.
Stonewood -S tonewood is a wonderful stone that instantly brings colour to an aquarium.
Maple Leaf Rock – Red/brown with think white veins. Web like apearance.
Picture Stone – Picture stone is a lovely pale yellow stone with veins that range for white to dark brown.

In our Aquascaping wood supplies we have…
Manzanita Wood – Manzanita wood is a very attractive wood with many twisted branches that adds beauty and character to your planted aquarium.
Standard Driftwood – Budget driftwood which is heavy and sinks easily.
Redmoor Wood – Redmoor wood is one of the most popular woods in planted aquariums. It’s brancy nature and interesting shapes make it very attractive in the aquarium.
Curio Wood
Talawa Wood
Sumatra Wood

We also carry a range of gravels and pebbles. See our hardscape section for a full list.

Here’s a superb example of what can be achieve with Manzanita Wood…

Manzanita Aquascape

We also love using Dragon Stone for Iwagumi aquascaping…

There are some truly stunning pieces of Manzanita Wood Available, this is just one of our many pieces with many branches…
iwagumi dragon stone manzanita-wood-large-968-p


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