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Anubias Barteri Compact

Anubias Barteri ‘Compact’ – Now available at Aquarium Gardens

One of the most fascinating things about this hobby is the list of aquatic plants available nowadays is almost never ending. It is extraordinary the variety of plants out there, however it is still not that easy to get your hands on all of them from one place. That’s why we are constantly looking to increase our range, slowly bringing you more and more plants… which is great news for auqascapers as more plants mean more aquascaping possibilities!

This week we have added another new plant to our range. It’s always exciting when we get a new plant. I personally love waiting for new arrivals, wondering what they will look like and how I can use them in future aquascapes.

Let me introduce to you a wonderful take of one of our most popular plants ‘Anubias Barteri var nana’….This one is called Anubias Barteri ‘Compact’ 

As the name suggests, this variety grows more compact, and does not grow as tall as regular Anubias Barteri. Thus making ideal in smaller aquariums, where smaller Anubias varieties suit the scale in smaller tanks. This wonderful plant is produced by Aquaflora, one of our superb producers whom we source our plants from. Aquaflora produce some fantastic plants, and are always amazing quality and extremely healthy.

Like all Anubias, you should be tying this down to a piece of rock or wood (use fishing line or cotton). The roots will rot if buried in substrate. By attaching Anubias to wood or rocks, you are also making your planted aquarium look and feel more mature, as if the plant has been growing and grafting itself onto the wood for years.

Light fertilization will do for Anubias Barteri Compact, it is a slow grower so does not uptake nutrients very quickly. It will grow in low to high light tanks, and actually much prefers growing under the shade of other plants. This helps reduce algae growth on the slow growing leaves, which can often attract algae formations if left out in direct bright lighting.

If your a fan of Anubias, or just someone starting out in the hobby, this is a great plant to have. It is very hard to go wrong with it, and will serve you well for many years to come! You will find this plant on our website here.