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Plants Your Fish Won’t Eat!

Do you have a fish tank that houses herbivorous fish? You may have lost a few plants due to certain fish that actually eat plants as part of their diet! For me, I would steer clear of herbivorous fish if your planning on planting up your aquarium. Smaller varieties such as tetras and rasboras are perfect for planted tanks.

However, should you be so keen to keep herbivorous fish and maintain a planted tank, then there ARE some plants that can be kept with such fish….

Crinum Thaianum is the PERFECT plant to keep with such fish. It’s leaves are long and thick, almost like rubber. So tough that fish can’t actually eat them! It is also a very hardy and easy to care for. It has few demands and can be grown well in a variety of environments. It gets it’s nick name “Onion Plant” from the large bulb at the bottom, which looks like an onion. One potencial snag is it can grown VERY large, so it would be best planted in an aquarium of 100L+

Crinum Calamistratum  is another bulb plant which is perfect for tank with herbivorous fish. Leaves a long and tough, they are much narrower and more crinkly too. It too is a large plant, growing up to 120cm in length! Again, a plant for the larger aquarium.

Crinum calamistratum

Anubias Nana is another popular plant that your fish won’t eat. One of the most available plants around, it has been popular for many years. It’s small round thick leaves make hard work for your fish to eat, so they simply decide not to bother! This plant is very versatile and can be grown with or without CO2, High light or low light, and with very little effort most of the time! One thing to be aware of is that Anubias should be attached to wood or stone, NOT buried in your gravel/substrate. If buried, the roots will eventually rot and the plant will suffer. Using fishing line is the easiest way to tie this plant down to wood or rock.

Anubias Nana | Buy Online from Aquarium Gardens

Java Fern (Microsorum Pteropus)

A firm favourite among many aquarists and the ideal beginner plant! Java Fern (Microsorum Pteropus) requires similar handling to the Anubias, whereby you should tie it down to wood/rock using fishling line. It doesn’t take well if you bury it in the substrate.

Java Fern also has fairly thick sturdy leaves, and fish will stay away from these if they’re being fed well.
It comes in many forms, some with crinkly leaves, some with flared leaves, mini versions and needle version. All are pretty easy to maintain, so pick the one you like best and enjoy this easy care plant.

Microsorum pteropus (Java Fern) on lava Stone