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The best value Tissue Culture Plants around!

Grabbed your attention? If you’re interested in the best value aquarium tissue culture plants (also know as in-vitro plants) that are fantastic quality then keep reading…

Our tissue culture plants offer superb value compared to other leading brands (such as Tropica 1-2 grow). Those of you that have used tissue culture plants before know that your getting superb plants that are free from algae, snails and pests. And they adapt to your aquarium REALLY well compared to regular net potted plants.

Tissue Culture








For those of your that have never tried or never even heard of tissue culture plants then here’s a few things you need to know:

  • Tissue Culture plants are like no other. They are grown in a lab in sterile conditions, meaning they are free from disease, snails, algae and many other pests. This is very important if you’re after plants for a shrimp aquarium.
  • They adapt much better to aquariums and there is less ‘melting’ than what you would get from regular net potted plants. ‘What is melting?’ I here some of your ask….well some plants like to adapt to their new surrounds, during this adaptation period they shed old leaves and then new growth is produced which is better adapted to its new growing environment. Because tissue culture plants are much, much younger plants, they do not go through this adaptation stage like their grown up versions.
  • Tissue culture plants are actually a middle plant in the production process of bigger net pot plants. Producers are now selling this middle men plants because of the many benefits they bring to the aquarist.
  • You get many plants from one pot. Each pot can be separated into several portions or ‘plugs’ as I sometimes like to call it. Usually 8-12 portions is a normal rate when splitting up a pot of tissue culture plant.
  • There is also a benefit when it comes to shipping and storing these plants. As they come in sealed plastic sterile pots, these plants can be kept like this for weeks before you need to use them. Store them in a cool place and you can keep them until you need to use them (however the sooner the better). They also ship very, very well as they are in sealed sterile pots.

Here’s a nice looking tissue culture plant removed from the pot. As you can see you are getting a lovely healthy pot of plant with healthy root structures. This particular plant is called Eleocharis sp mini and is used mainly as a ‘carpet plant’ and will willingly produce runners and multiply.

tissue culture eleocharis

So what are you waiting for!? Give these plants a go. They are fantastic for aquascaping and work superbly in CO2 injected aquariums. You will find all our tissue culture plants here: Tissue Culture Plants

Water Conditioners for Shrimp and Fish


We all know the benefits of shrimp in a planted tank!? Cleaning up algae and other waste is something they’re extremely good at! Well why not in return help your shrimp while they help you!? Tantora’s range of shrimp care products include a range of water conditioning products and food that will really boost the health and colour of your shrimp. Being such a delicate animal, a little care and attention is needed if we want them to thrive in our planted tanks and carry on doing what they do best! (know one likes algae so shrimp are our biggest friends in a planted tank). Tantora’s products, such as Catappa Leaves, Banana Leaves, Guava Leaf, Catappa Bark are all great water conditioners and will help create a more natural environment for your shrimp. Their antibacterial properties will boost the immune system of your shrimp. That’s one way of paying them back right!?

What’s more, Tantora products will boost the reproduction rate of your shrimp, as healthy shrimp who feel at home are much more likely to breed. This means you could end up with even more of these fantastic little fellas! That can’t be bad, only a good thing for our planted tanks. More shrimp = more cleaning…perfect!

Check on the range of water conditioners and shrimp food. It will be the best way to repay your shrimp for all the hard work they do in your planted aquarium!





Above: Mulberry Leaves are great food for shrimp!

Catappa Leaves Medium (13-18cm) x 10

^ Catappa Leavesa are used widely by shrimp keepers, known for their antibacterial properties

Tantora Bamboo Charcoal

^ Bamboo Charcoal absorbs harmful chemicals and improve water quality