CO2 regulator & solenoid

Save money with a CO2 Solenoid Valve!

If you really want your plants to perform at their best then you will know by now that injecting CO2 into your planted aquarium is the way to go. But did you know your plants don’t always need this CO2 in the aquarium 24/7!?

That’s right, during light out your plants stop photosynthesising. Without light, there is nothing to trigger their growth. Therefore, CO2 (the other vital component needed for growth) is no longer required until the lights come back on again.

This means we can turn our CO2 off after the lights go out and back on again when the lights come on. Sounds like a boring task to do everyday doesn’t it!? Your bound to forget sometimes, and eventually you might end up just leaving it on all the time.

Well that’s unless you have a Solenoid valve to do the work for you. The Solenoid valve when attached to a electric timer will shut the CO2 on or off at the times you’ve pre set on your electric timer. Why waste good CO2 when the lights are out that is costing you money? More to the point, leaving your CO2 on over night can put your fish at risk. Whilst your plant aren’t using the CO2, levels of CO2 could build up in your aquarium so much that it could affect the health of your fish.


This piece of kit is so essential, we have attached one to all our regulators. We do not see the need to go without one.

If you would like to take a further look at our regulators with solenoid valve then click here.

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