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We’re Upgrading – to European Plants!

Aquarium Gardens Update – We’re upgrading!

Aquarium Gardens is dedicated in continuing to provide unbeatable service and the highest quality plants. We have decided to change suppliers and we’re now stocking European plants, recognised as being some of the highest quality plants on the market.

We can now guarantee:
1) Healthy plants of the highest quality
2) Algae and snail free plants
3) An improved range – we will continue to increase our range so there will be even more plants to choose from
4) We have changed the way we hold our plants, ensuring you receive quality plants every time
5) Shrimp friendly – no more washing or soaking plants before you put them in your aquarium
6) No more cutting – all plants are rooted to ensure they get off to a great start

As of 18th December, we are now taking pre-orders for delivery Jan 2014. So get shopping and we will get your plants posted week commencing 6th January, and you can enjoy our new range of quality aquatic plants!

Furthermore, I would like to announce we are now stocking aquarium lighting suitable for planted aquariums, filters, heaters, aquascaping tools & EasyLife fertilizers. We can start taking orders now and we will deliver ASAP after the Christmas period in 2014. In the near future, we will also be stocking co2 equipment for planted aquariums.

Finally, I am pleased to say we have taken to decision to reduce postage cost to just £2.99 flate rate and delivery is FREE for orders over £50 :)

We hope you enjoy all of our new products, plants and services.

As always we’re only an e-mail away if you have any questions or would like any advise regarding planted aquariums and aquatic plants.

We look forward to seeing you in 2014! :)

Plants Dying? Try using liquid carbon

We are getting lots of questions each week asking why your aquarium plants are dying or suffering from poor/unhealthy growth. The first thing we address is always Co2 levels. Carbon is one of the most important elements required by your aquatic plants for growth. The most common reason for poor plant growth is down to lack of carbon. Before I tell you how to address your co2 levels, let’s look into why plants need carbon:

How plants use Co2

Plants source the Carbon from CO2 absorbed through the leaves. Most plants contain chlorophyll – the pigment which makes plants green. The chlorophyll absorbs light and the plant uses the energy from the light to convert the Carbon together with water (H2O) into sugars and carbohydrates (CH2O) – a process known as photosynthesis.
The sugars and carbohydrates provide the energy for the plant to grow.

Many aquarium plants are cultivated emersed by producers. As there is much more co2 in the air than in your aquarium the plants grow much quicker and are in very good health. In your aquarium the available co2 underwater is far less, so you can see why it is important you have a co2 supply. It is especially important if you have medium to high lighting, as with more light becomes a higher demand for nutrients and co2 to fuel the plants growth.

Carbon Sources

Carbon can be supplied by: injecting Co2 into your water from a pressurized co2 bottle , using a yeast based co2 system, a DIY yeast based system or by using Liquid Carbon. If your new to planted aquariums we would recommend trying liquid carbon to start with. Pressurised co2 systems can seem expensive to the new aquarist. It may be something you want to invest in the future, once you become more confident with planted aquariums.

Here were going to focus on using Liquid Carbon.

If you cannot afford the initial expense of Co2 injection kits/regulators/solenoids, liquid carbon is an excellent alternative. It’s particularly great for smaller aquariums, say smaller than 100L as it can work out to be a cost effective method of supplementing Carbon.

You have to be prepared for daily dosing, however this only takes a matter of seconds and most liquid carbons only require you to dose 1ml per 50L of aquarium water per day. It is important to dose every day as the carbon is only active for 24 hours.

At Aquarium Gardens we supply TNC Carbon, at very competitive prices compared to other brands on the market.

Give it a go, you will the difference it makes very soon!